Lossless electricity transmission – already possible!

Innovative. Forward-thinking. Dynamic. THEVA uses a unique approach to produce high temperature superconductor wire under the brand name of THEVA Pro-Line. Thanks to its outstanding performance, transporting extremely high electrical current without losses is becoming reality. This is possible due to THEVA’s over 20 years of experience in coating technology and equipment engineering.

Thanks to its high-power density, our superconductor wire THEVA Pro-Line can replace copper conductors in high-performance applications and open up entirely new design perspectives. Manufacturers of cables, power electronics, industrial drives or power rails also need very reliable material that can be easily processed. We ensure that with our professional quality management.

THEVA – from research project to industrial superconductor production

THEVA Dünnschichttechnik GmbH, based in Ismaning near Munich, was founded in 1996 and has around 60 employees today. THEVA has invested more than 15 years in the development of HTS wires. In 2012, the company decided to set up the first production line for second-generation superconductors in a commercial scale in Germany.

With its headquarters in Germany and sales partners in Asia, the USA and Europe, the company is globally present for its customers.

With Target Partners and BayBG, two strong investors came on board in 2012. Since 2016, eCAPITAL and Bayern Kapital have also supported the company’s growth. Since the third financing round in 2017, EnBW New Ventures joined the group of investors.


Well prepared for the future: Investors @ THEVA

Forward-looking products, increasing demand and growing markets: The perfect environment for investors.

Whether in the development of wind power generators, transmitting high electrical currents in industrial processes or in the grid – the market waits for superconductors with competitive prices.

Therefore, THEVA Dünnschichttechnik GmbH invested millions in the last couple of years into the first industrial production of superconductors in Germany. Five investors supported them along the way: Target Partners, Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft (BayBG) as well as eCAPITAL, the growth fund of Bayern and EnBW Ventures.

Investors‘ comments:

Ilse Aigner, former minister for economics in Bavaria:

„The growth fund Bavaria is a Germany-wide unique initiative. Especially in the growth phase, a lack of financing is a common problem. This gap is closed by the growth fund and strengthens the innovation power of Bavaria. THEVA is one of eight companies where the growth fund is involved. The number of investments and the leverage effect both outperform our expectations. This specific example also contributes to the Energiewende in Bavaria, which particularly pleases me.”

Michael Mayer, Managing Partner at eCAPITAL:

„For us as investors it is very important to support companies after their first years of development to achieve a greater market penetration worldwide. Therefore, we do not only offer financial aid but know-how and a great network. THEVA fits right into our portfolio.“

Kurt Müller, Partner at Target Partners:

„The great team at THEVA has the best prerequisites. Their technical competence, years of experience and a good network in the industry are the basis of further success.”

Alexander Ullmann, senior project manager at BayBG:

„The expertise of THEVA and the good market situation tip the scales for our investment.“

Crispin Leick, Managing Director of EnBW New Ventures:

„We invest in companies that offer scalable solutions for the converging markets of energy, mobility and urban living. At THEVA, globally accredited experts work professionally towards the goal of series production for superconductors, the management team is highly qualified and the future prospects are right. All that convinced us.“

Are you interested in investing in our forward-looking products? If you like to contribute to THEVAs growth with your competence and capital, please contact us. Become an investor and shape the future with us!