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News from THEVA and the superconductor industry

Welcome to THEVA’s news. Here, we list news from our company, novelties about technological developments as well as events where you will be able to get to know us and our product portfolio.

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2008, 2020

THEVA’s 25th anniversary

In the year 2021, THEVA will celebrate its 25th anniversary.
Further information will be announced here at a later time.

3107, 2020

THEVA reaches record performance in HTS tapes

Ismaning, 31st July, 2020: THEVA has succeeded in doubling the current carrying capacity of its Pro-Line superconductors. In test series on production lines, standard processes were used to produce tape conductors over more than 400 m long, which carry more than 1000 A transport current at 12 mm width and […]

2707, 2020

New FastGrid Newsletter available

FASTGRID should have ended by the end of June 2020, but COVID-19 nearly completely stopped all activities which are mainly experimental at the end of the project.
To be able to finish all activities which are currently in progress, the project was extended by 5 months.

The current project status is described […]

2004, 2020

Superconducting Fault Current Limiters explained

Within the EU-Horizon-2020 projekt “FastGrid”, THEVA supports the development of a superconducting fault current limiter for high voltage applications.

The project team recently created and published a short video explaining the working principle and the advantages of using high temperature superconductors for fault current limiting.

You can find the video at the […]

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